Commercial Metals Company - Headshots

September 14, 2022

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I am looking forward to taking your headshots.  These will be quick, head and shoulders only headshots.  Don't worry about posing - I will direct you and give you tips for the best portrait.   Please come with your hair and make up done.  I will have a mirror for a last minute check. Below is some advice on what to wear for your headshot.  The most important thing is that you are confident in what you are wearing.  As I say below, if you like what you are wearing, it will show through the lens! Click the orange button to sign up for your 5 minute time slot.


Corporate Headshots - What to Wear

Comfort - Clothes should fit well, not too tight nor too loose.  If you are confident in what you are wearing, it will show through in the photograph.  Be sure that your clothes are well tailored, clean and pressed.  Avoid low-cut blouses.

Patterns - Avoid patterns, especially tight small repeating patterns which can cause moiré (a strange-looking wavy pattern that is caused by an object or a fabric being photographed that contains repetitive details - dots, lines, checks, stripes - that exceed the sensor resolution).

Color - Mid-tone plain colors are universally flattering.  Only wear all black or all white if it's layered underneath something.

Sleeves - Avoid sleeveless and even opt for long sleeves if you would like to cover your arms.

Sarita Gayle - Summer 2021-3Sarita Gayle - Summer 2021-3

Accessories - Simple jewelry is best.  For necklaces, make sure if there is a pendant, it is visible above the crop of the photo.